Friday, February 12, 2010

Mod Money... what to spend it on?

So for Christmas, one of my two very fabulous sisters gave me a fifty dollar gift certificate for MOD CLOTH. Ohmahgah. I was obviously thrilled. Originally, I was going to buy their high waisted nautical swim suit, but now that's all sold out. (Plus I found an adorable mint green plaid high waisted one I want more, but that's for a different post.) So what to buy? A dress of course! I am just in LOVE with Mod Cloth dresses, choosing one is easier said than done. With over three hundred dresses it's actually darn near impossible. 

Here are my top three choices, I've wanted them for a longggg time, and still want them:

Okay, I'm starting with a personal favorite here, this is the World's Fair Dress. I've wanted it since found the website. I just love everything about it! (Guess what, when the World's Fair was in Chicago, in the thirties, my grandmother sold popcorn there! Weird little fact, hah!)

The Cute Clipper Dress; oh how doth I love thee?  I love it! I have been searching for a sailor dress for weeks now, it's been verging on an obsession. I was actually planning on sewing one myself, but Mod Cloth must have just read my mind.  I was looking for a more Navy-looking sailor dress, like the one Esme and the Lane Way has, her's is just adorable. This is wayyy different, and so cute. Well as different as sailor dresses can get from each other.

This is the Soda Fountain dress in Ginger, but really any of the three colors would be great! I reallly love this one, but it always seems to be out of stock, and compared to the other two this would be far easier to find. Of course this little ditty is actually in my price range! Thats a plus!


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