Friday, February 5, 2010

Hair Inspiration (Zhou Xuan)

Sick day number... four I think. Major hair inspiration! Oh my goodness, I was trolling around the internet looking at blogs, and found the Bobby Pin Blog. It's amazing, honestly if you haven't been reading it already, you need to be. Anyway, back on topic.

She had this post about Zhou Xuan, a Chinese actress in the 40s. I've never seen a movie she's been in before, or even heard of her before, but she was called the Golden Voice of China, because she had such a beautiful voice. After a bad string of relationships with men she died at 38, which is just so sad. :(
I absolutely love the first picture, it's so sweet! The makeup is flawless, and I can't actually see the dress, but I love the yellow plaid. Omgod it just makes me want to run out and buy some plaid fabric to make a dress. But what I love the most is the hair, I love the way the bangs are rolled in this one, it's like... a victory roll, but to the side. I wish I could see what the back looked like though... Oh well!

I love the second hairstyle, but I have kind of a round face, so I'm not so keen on just pulling back my hair out of my face. Either way, the ribbon is adorable, when I was little I used to wear bows in my hair all the time, if anything I think I'm gonna bring back the bows. :)

Ahhhh if I wasn't stuck in this house I would be doing my hair up like this!


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