Thursday, February 4, 2010


Sick day, number three. There isn't really much to say about it, still feeling awful, ohhh! but the mail truck just stopped by with a lovely box from sephora!! okay I'll make a post about it next, but this isn't about magical mail trucks that brighten my day or anything. This post is about Mod Cloth. I absolutely adore Mod Cloth.

Yesterday they sent out this email about their new vintage collection. Oh. My God. All those pretty dresses! The lipstick! And it's set at a train station! It's gorgeous.

Okay okay enough rambling, my absolute favorites! (Oh and please ignore my awful attempt at a collage or anything, being sick this was the best that I could manage.)

Want. Want. Want. It's the Always and Forever dress. It's so gorgeous! Of course it is also impossible that I could ever get it, I mean there are probably two million other people also swooning over it, so I guess it's just another dress thats gonna be put onto my sewing list. So gorgeous!!

Oh my goodness, this dress is going on my sewing list too! It's the Wish You Were Here dress! This one is so sweet. I just love the little square neckline and the color! I'm crossing my fingers that I can snag one, but like that's ever gonna happen.


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