Friday, February 5, 2010

You can have your cake but you can't eat it.

Last fall I was on this huge charm bracelet kick, I had the best charm bracelet ever, seriously. I had an iPod charm, a nintendo DS that opened up and had glow in the dark screens, a hello kitty, a mini gum ball machine. Okay so it was really childish, when I say childish I mean really childish, I bought the charms at a toy store, they were poor quality. I loved it until the charms started breaking or falling off, and that was that. No more charms, I just went on this hiatus.

Okay now fast forward however many months it's been to right now. I'm kind of obsessed with pastry charms. They're all over etsy! Sooooooo adorable. I just wanna eat em up! except they're made out of polymer clay.... >>;

These are the most adorable charms I have ever seen, it's highly likely I'll just end up buying a million. These three cakes are from the Sugary Sprinkles shop on Etsy, it's just making me hungry looking at them. She doesn't only make cake, but also cupcakes too, how cute! Oooooh it just makes me squeal! The teeeeny leeeetle lemon on the middle cake is the sweetest!

These cuties are from Bling and Pink on Etsy, she primarily makes macaroons, but every now and then she has something different in her shop (like that cute little chocolate I couldn't help but sneak in there. How cute!)

Of course a ton of people also sell doughnuts and stuff... but I don't even like the taste of doughnuts, or how they look, or anything, so I'll be a mean brat and exclude them ;P
One last thing to leave you with!
This sweet little red velvet cake charm bracelet is from Cute-N-Sweet Cafe, I think this might be my absolute favorite! I mean who doesn't love red velvet cake? Yum!

*I'm not receiving any compensation for mentioning these Etsy stores, nor am I affiliated with any of them.


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